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Program Offered:

Course Name Time Table
Bachelor of Physiotherapy – Choice based Credit System 2021-22 academic year onwards    
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

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Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

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Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)

First Semester (0-6 months)  

Course code

Course Titles


AP01PT 101

Human Anatomy-I


AP01PT 102

Human Physiology – I


AP01PT 103

General and Clinical Psychology


Foundation course - Not for university examination


AP01PT 1S1

Introduction to Healthcare Delivery System in India


AP01PT 1S2

Basic computer and information science


AP01PT 1S3

English, Communication and soft skills


AP01PT 1S4



AP01PT 1S5

Professionalism and values


Second Semester (7 – 12 months)


AP01PT 201

Human Anatomy-II

(Including Applied Anatomy)


AP01PT 202

Human Physiology -II

(Including Applied Physiology)


AP01PT 203



AP01PT 204

Basic principles of Biomechanics


Foundation course - Not for university examination


AP01PT 2S1

Medical terminology and record keeping


Third Semester (13-18 months)


AP01PT 301



AP01PT 302



AP01PT 303

Biomechanics and kinesiology


AP01PT 304

Exercise therapy I (Foundation concepts and therapeutic massage)


Foundation course – Not for university examination


AP01PT 3S1

Introduction to quality and patient safety (Including Emergency care, BLS, Biomedical waste management, Infection prevention and control, etc.)


Fourth Semester (19-24 months)


AP01PT 401

Exercise Therapy II


AP01PT 402

Electrotherapy I (Bio physics, LF & Equipment care)


AP01PT 403

Community Medicine


AP01PT 404



Foundation course –Not for university examination


AP01PT 4S1

Medical/ Physiotherapy Law and Ethics


Fifth Semester (25-30 months)


AP01PT 501

Clinical Orthopedics &Traumatology


AP01PT 502

General Surgery including burns and plastic surgery


AP01PT 503

Obstetrics and Gynecology


AP01PT 504

General Medicine, Paediatrics& psychiatry


AP01PT 505

Electrotherapy II

(MF, HF and Equipment care)


Foundation course –Not for university examination


AP01PT 5S1

Evaluation Methods & Outcome Measures


AP01PT 5S2

Diagnostic imaging for Physiotherapist


Sixth Semester (31-36 months)


AP01PT 601

Physiotherapy in Orthopedics & Sports


AP01PT 602

Physiotherapy In General Medicine and General surgery


AP01PT 603

Clinical Neurology & Neurosurgery


AP01PT 604



Course code

Course Titles


Seventh Semester (37-42 months)


AP01PT 701

Physiotherapy in Neurology & psychosomatic disorder


AP01PT 702



AP01PT 703

Research Methodology


AP01PT 704

Health Promotion and Fitness


AP01PT 705

Clinical cardiovascular & pulmonary conditions


Foundation course –Not for university examination


AP01PT 7S1

Principles of Management


AP01PT 7S2

Critique inquiry, case presentation and discussion


Eighth Semester (43-48 months)


AP01PT 801

Physiotherapy in cardiovascular, pulmonary & intensive care


AP01PT 802

Community Physiotherapy


AP01PT 803

Clinical reasoning & Evidence based physiotherapy


AP01PT 804

Administration and Teaching Skills



Research Project